Business Formation

     A business can be a sole proprietorship, an LLC, or a corporation.  An LLC can have a single owner just as a corporation can have a single owner.

     Yes, there are forms on the internet to create an LLC or corporation.  You can even go to the Secretary of State's website and set up the LLC or corporation.

     However, the forms and the website don't discuss with you the pros and cons of each business entity - that is what we do.

     Also, people create LLCs and corporations so that they won't be personally liable for the business debts.  However, the forms and website do not tell you the proper way to accomplish this.  Simply having an LLC or corporation by itself is not enough to protect the business owner.  Failing to properly act like an LLC or corporation is one of the most common failures we see and it results in the business person being individually liable for the business debts.  

     We do tell you how to properly protect yourself.




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